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“A modern form of recycling. Power. Shift 4.
An attempted approximation.

Most of the time Nepomuk is at another place. A quiet and laid-back place known for the multi presence of little noise. Why is he not at the spot? It will not be revealed. Fortune or system? Samples and breaks. And listening to music – Art Blakey or Ray Braynt – Udo Jürgens or Giorgio Moroder – Roider Jackl or Siriusmo. There is nothing to do but there is nothing that is not done. The combination produces an attempt of approximation of imagination. Shift 3. A wild transfer of samples, drums, synthesizers and shreds. Searching for the genre is easy – in that moment you found it. Beat album. Instrumental album. Solo album. Beat-tape. All or nothing. Grab it in the ping pong between gravity and floating agravic. Sequenced non-linearity.”