Musique Provocateur 12″

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Invasion Day Riddim by Sven Simulacrum
Bon Scott–Baile Funk–Duppy–Chutney–Jungle
Mashes AC/DC, ocker culture and all the connotations of Aussies going “Oi!” into cheerful concréte subversion. Sample checking a host street riddims from subcultures across the UK, the Caribbean, Brazil and the Balkans.

B.L.A.C.K. by Wire MC (Gangsta Desi Fix)
Take a radio rip of the “energenitical Abodigital” Wire MC, fuse it to a dhol frenzy Bally Sagoo loop, and add a furious dose of the Grandmaster Flash – BOOM! South Asia comes to South Sydney – joined at the bass via the nation of hip hop and a shared experience of British colonialism. Imagine P.E. production crew, the Bomb Squad, if they wore turbans.

Soldier by Kuno Kini / Nova / Sven Simulacrum
Kuno Kini’s non–traditional approach to traditional music gets the full bomb drop bashment treatment. MC Nova stands up, drops bass and wriggles for your riots.

Arek Malang Kudu Seneng by Nova / MC SBY / Toto Tewel / Sven Simulacrum
Indonesian MC Nova rides a riddim cut hot from the licks of her Rock God father, Toto Tewel. A tongue-in-cheek swipe at Arema culture, Arek Malang asks the youth of East Java to ‘transform the physical violence into a positive vibe.’ Extra spit straight from the lips of the ever controversial MC SBY.