Gene Vincent Is The Real King

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Let’s talk about KLAUS LEGAL, already mentioned here about the CDr Klaus Is A Mensch!, a record in the wake of which this young man recorded the two titles appearing on the single Gene Vincent Is The Real King that we will talk about now. Same processes, same ways of doing things and the same results or almost: Elvis’s A Baboon – something that will be translated without any hesitation as “Elvis is a baboon” – just like Be-Bop-A-Lula – which we have never managed to translate correctly – participate in the same triturated and illegible mess and the same unknown malaise as the aforementioned CDr.
When we talk about unreadable mess there is nothing negative in it but rather an almost desperate attempt to describe a music that will not be for most ordinary mortals, a music that is more like synthetic plasma and molasses, including in the pathological deformations of “singing”, a music that will not even leave the opportunity for the great music lovers thinkers to wonder why and how to the thing. Whether it’s the A-side Elvis’s A Baboon or the B-side with this unnatural cover of Gene Vincent (so), Klaus Legal waves the same crystallized shadows on the same blocks of sound gelatin to obtain this paradox, which here we love anyway: the result is both completely hermetic (we do not understand much but is it a good thing to always want to understand everything in music?) but Suddenly everything could become possible (when, obviously, everything is far from possible).
This single is accompanied by a booklet – sheets badly photocopied to the back and forth and assembled by clumsy scissor strokes – a booklet in which we find drawings and texts that do not say much more than the music. OK, there are bodies, body parts and faces with variable geometries and there are mostly words: “I have trouble laughing. Finally I want to say that my teeth are always offset from my jaw. The language is completely lost and then the glottis gets involved” summarizes well what one feels listening to the record; he also has words borrowed from others, such as this quote from Guattari (I imagine it is the philosopher and psychoanalyst Felix Guattari): “There is no lack in absence. Absence is a presence in me”… this is a quote that could stick more than any other to Klaus Legal and this record that fills you with a void with which you have to get out of the way. Good luck. (Heavy Mental)