Proverbs Of Hell

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Soundpiece is a sound installation in the public space of the Schouwburgsquare in Rotterdam and covers an area of 30 by 30 meter through 32 speakers. It can be heard across the entire Schouwburgsquare at limited volume.

WORM invited the composers Machinefabriek, Pierre Bastien and Dyane Donck/Daisy Bell to compose a piece for this. The results are three sound artworks/tape compositions that are made for public space, but are impressive as isolated piece of art as well. Something that stands out as well, is the different approaches of the three composers. The pieces were played at fixed times at the Sound piece installation, for a month at the end of 2011.

This resulted in 3 coloured vinyl records on WORM Records. These records are extraordinary not just because of their appearance (bright yellow, blue and pink vinyl), but because of their arising history as well.

Record 2 of the 3 is by Dyane Donck/Daisy Bell

Daisy Bell is Donck’s new group. The live show involves a collection of electronic and acoustic instruments, harmony vocal arrangements, lots of live sampling and sound processing plus a video projection, illustrating each song with minimal, yet evocative imagery. All songs are based on poetry by William Blake with his texts providing a vocal spine to the compositions. These range from experimental musique concrete to pop “with a twist” and all with strong intensity, dark atmospheres and raw beats.