Splitting Series #1

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“Happy Zloty is a small German label who have released a whole bunch of loveable and collectable 7″ with improvised music in nice silkscreened covers. Now they move away from the handwork of gluing 7″ covers with the release of their first split LP. Of course in a silkscreened cover… On this LP we find two improvising bands from Germany. The a-side has Perlonex, a trio with Ignaz Schick on electronics, devices and turntables, Joerg Maria Zeger on guitars and Burkhard Beins on drums and percussion. They have two CDs on Zarek (see Vital Weekly 235 and 286) and a 7″ on Bad Alchemy. Like I wrote before, it’s hard to tell whether the music of Perlonex is entirely improvised. I once saw them play live and noted the tight playing, which seemed kinda planned out. Not that it mattered that much to me, because it was a great thing to hear. Perlonex combine various styles of music in their own music: it’s a bit of noise, electro-acoustic, ambient, composition and improvisation, that is brought together in very intense and powerful pieces of music.
On the other side we find Julijuni, a Berlin/Hamburg trio of Tim Tetzner on feedback, Micheal Rieken on power book and Ansgar Wilken (boss of Happy Zloty) on guitar and electronics. They exist since 2001 and their first rehearsal was also their first gig. Since then they have played all over Germany and The Netherlands (they say: I didn’t see them). Julijuni operate indeed in a much more improvised music style and they opt for the more noisy side of improvisation. Their piece (although divided in three parts, it sounds very much like an ongoing thing) starts out nicely in a moody way, but gradually builds up to a wall of noise, feedback and extensive scraping of contact microphones. Building up fiercely, this is less delicate than the Perlonex side, but will certainly appeal to those who like noise and improvisation going hand in hand.”