Johns Lunds Plays Baritone Saxophone

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“Johns Lunds is a Danish musician and composer, involved in a variety of collaborations and solo projects through the Yoyooyoy art and music collective, Aether productions and Copenhagen’s Mayhem venue.
Lunds has with his 9 solo releases tested many of the saxophone facets, where recent compositions have been influenced by spirituality, modern classical music and free improvisations.

”Plays baritone saxophone” presets two new compositions, here for solo baritone saxophone.
Side A is a take on a faded memory of the Philip Glass sound track for Koyaanisqatsi, while side B presents the baritone part from the composition ”Circles”. Circles were written for the exhibition ”Book of Scores”, it was presented at Disjecta gallery as an installation for four speakers.
This is the 8th record presenting solo saxophone music from Johns Lunds.”