Non-Organic Bias

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“Two facts determined the compositional process of non-organic bias :

1 – the title itself

2 – the sound sources used for the piece were restricted to various recordings I made of the organ

Other then the play of words that sum up many of my main points of interests with the organ (organ – organum – organism – organic – etc.), the title, bias, means prejudice, focussing on, interest in, systematic distortion, irregular shape, oblique course, predisposition, partiality, from the french bias, all of them signifying for me a sort of base of living organism.

Inclinations going through material, warped matter, a form full of inner slopes, a material that bends… non-organic bias : to rediscover the bias of a sound machine (the organ) and then, keeping the same concerns, following up these bias’ up until the membrane of the speaker, passing through the whole electroacoustic network.

To compose with the technical issues, to be on the hunt for forms and artefacts that the techniques produce, when, following its own tendencies (bias), it is brought to its own limit : border effects, resonances, natural saturations, … all artefacts that sign the acoustic, analogic, digital, process…

To compose with the tendencies of the non-organic, and with the tendencies toward the non-organic : these are the 2 possible meanings of non-organic bias.
“Non-organic bias” is dedicated to Franck Gourdien.”