Ie Oe Aa

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“”.. If you aim for the charts, why should your 7″ have a b-side? It’s not a question I raise, but in the 80s there was a dutch guy who said his 7″ didn’t need a b-side, since nobody ever plays a b-side. I am not
sure if my local heroes The Hitmachine thought along similar lines when they released ‘IeOeAa’, but they offer just one track here too. Probably not, since The Hitmachine, despite their name, is hardly a machine to produce hits in the charts. The fluctuating membership guarantees always a surprise. They play free rock, techno, schlagers and noise, and sometimes all of that at the same time. This side is a bit of sound poetry like, in the best dada tradition (shouting rather than singing), with some guitar strumming in the best solitary singer song writing tradition: not a single note too much. Quite a surprise, and then probably no surprise at all. Outsider music, outside any mainstream, hype or scene. Quite a daring move to release this in this way, but if you’re an outsider: what else can you do. Strangest record of the week by any account. (FdW)”