Three Henries

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Recorded on January 26, 2001 at Airwave, Chicago.

Bass – Liz Payne
Cello, Hurdy Gurdy [Nyckelharpa] – Fredrick Lonberg-Holm
Guitar, Accordion – Ben Vida
Performer [Dry Ice, Tubes], Reeds – Michael Colligan

“In 2000-2001, Chicago cellist Fred Lonberg-Holm apparently had found the secret of ubiquity, appearing in many groups such as Terminal 4 and the Boxhead Ensemble, plus his free improv dates with many luminaries. Therefore, finding him among the quartet Pillow, and furthermore on a CD released by a Swedish label, is not really surprising. In this project he pursues his interests in soft, textural, stripped-down improvisations. His cello and Liz Payne’s bass talk the same language and, even though they make up only half of the group, their playing accounts for 80% of the excitement. Ben Vida provides minimal textures on electric guitar, touching the very end of the strings or slowly strumming simple chords. Michael Colligan is credited with reeds, tubes, and dry ice (would that be the strange sound heard on the first track?). His input remains incidental or ornamental most of the time. In the course of the eight untitled semi-improvisations (they seem to have at least a minimal predetermined structure), the three string instruments achieve some creative and pretty moments, especially on the fourth track. Paced, delicate, sensible — this music is for the dreamy kind. Fans of the Boxhead Ensemble should have no trouble relating to Three Henries.”