Morning Of My Life

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Music By – Nicolai Dunger
Saxophone – Johan Arrias, Jonas Kullhammar

Mastered and released as a one-song effort at over 40 minutes long, Morning of My Life, described by its creator Nicolai Dunger as concluding a three-part series of albums under the A Taste of Ra name, makes for another enjoyable blend of styles and approaches that gently touches on everything from avant-garde jazz to understated folk and classical flourishes, all tied together in a way that suggests the soundtrack to an otherwise silent movie or documentary; emotional moods are conveyed through the slow unfolding of the piece. At its most calm, such as the gentle float of guitar tones and feedback halfway through, it is pure, chilled ambience, but it can and does turn on a dime into free-form chaos, flute and drums and more going all over the place. At many points, Dunger and his collaborators almost delight in recombining various sonic signifiers at once — the key part of the first half of the whole piece is the semi-spoken word ramble and freak-out starting at about five minutes in and continuing for another twelve. It does clearly suggest Tim Buckley’s later efforts, but could just as well be nods to Talk Talk’s own late peaks as well as any number of flamenco guitarists.