Natural Screenery

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“Natural Screenery” might sound unnatural to some, but this is the second Black Trumpets album. The songs are first and foremost based on a key moment shared playing together, but then this becomes the basis for stretching time in every way possible. Keijo, Alex, and Tuomas play whatever it takes to get the message across: hopefully saving ‘pop’ from the drooling jaws of populism; putting the boogie back in blues; and fiddling with the lesser-known electronic knobs of folk.
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Side A. Natural Screenery
A1. Treedom 3:29
A2. Tuo Tuo 4:34
A3. Valot Nielevät Pimeä 2:59
A4. Ownly Dreaming 4:29
A5. Niin Linnun Kuin Laivan 4:14
Side B. Unnatural Scenery
B1. Soudetaan 3:26
B2. Kaiutin kuiskaa 4:41
B3. Unnatural Scenery 3:22
B4. Joka Eroaa Rakkaimmastaan 3:23
B5. All Is Work 4:41