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“Fungym is debut tape from Berlin duo Earthlogoff. Loud, intense and powerful, it combines elements of dub, minimalism, almost-heavy metal, punk and math, being totally danceable-try it!

Earthlogoff are is an instrumental techno speedtrans* project founded by the ex-members of Antihairball RBRT andd Sanaa. With self-programmed controller, live sampling and analog drums they create a apocalyptic dance sound for the next millenium.
Comes with download code.”

A1. Earthlogoff-Futureworld 03:16
A2. Earthlogoff-Bonecy Castle 02:33
A3. Earthlogoff-Tipsy 01:47
A4. Earthlogoff-Naïve 00:57
A5. Earthlogoff-Gremlins 00:47
A6. Earthlogoff-Indudub 05:13
B1. Earthlogoff-Italo Cloud 03:45
B2. Earthlogoff-Born Contorted 00:50
B3. Earthlogoff-Jurassic Park 04:57
B4. Earthlogoff-Geiler Schluss 02:46
B5. Earthlogoff-Sunno))) Shino))) 04:24