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“What is it with polymaths? Not content with being an in demand illustrator (Jake has done work for everyone from Roedelius to London Fields Brewery) or with running desirable label Tor Press, Jake decided to go and build a load of instruments and start making his own unearthly music. This is now his third release after “Archaic Practises” for Vienna’s Feathered Coyote Records and a recent split with Hellvete on his own Tor Press. However, there is not much point looking back to those releases for comparisons. Each releases seems to be in a world of its own. Probably helped by the fact Jake keeps building things to play, like an Aphex Twin of the acoustic experimental world.
This time, though, the rot has set in. I mean that in a conceptual sense. Like Jake, I too live in a wet valley by a river on a flood plain in an antique house. You can do whatever you like but that mildew is going to come back again and again. Oddly, just as this tape came back from the manufacturers, Jake’s house got treated for the damp but not before his fungal flatmates infiltrated his dreams and taught him these songs. Jake does not claim this has happened but when you will when you have listened to it.
Strange strings play almost folkish songs through an infection of distorted sounds. Electronics grow in the background, quietly consuming the acoustics. Melody decays into texture. Experimental spores cause instruments to become unrecognisable. If Alan Lomax had taken his tape recorder up to Lovecraft’s Plain of Leng then this is what he might have come back with – an eldritch, unnatural kind of psychedelic folk. Let the pretty colours into your ears.” – Ned / Was Ist Das
Edition of 50 copies. All music and artwork by Jake Blanchard. Recorded at home 2013-14. Most instruments on these recordings are home-made.

A1. Consuming Mire
A2. Mislaid Purpose
A3. Seeds
B1. Crystallographic Ooze
B2. Dağ Geçidi