Un Autre Décembre

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“‘Un Autre Décembre’ was originally released in March 2003 on sublabel 130701 belonging to FatCat Records and is a very intimate recording when compared to ‘Nocturne Impalpable’ (the vinyl re-release by Minority Records was released last year). Sylvain did most of the recording by himself. The engaging string arrangements for a small orchestra were replaced by pure short piano variations. These minimalist forms alternate and interrupt the busy miniature intermezzos, which have the same title ‘Granulation’ and can only be distinguished by the serial number. The only exception is the final composition, ‘Du Réve Dans Les Yeux’, in which Vincent Pouplard plays the accordion. He met with Sylvain while recording ‘Nocturne Impalpable’. The final mix and mastering was then taken care of by David Mascunan.

The ‘Un Autre Décembre’ album is quiet, modest, and reflects every recorded idea. The coexistence of sound and simple melodies is uniquely lucid and fits into a peaceful night. Inspiration for the recording of this album and the title itself came from the lyrics of the Belgian singer-songwriter Jacques Brel, entitled ‘Jaurés’, that opens his thirteenth and last album ‘Les Marquises’ (1977). It looks at and discusses our grandparent’s generation, who worked hard in the mines and Jacques’s lyrics go as follows: ‘Les Douze mois s’appelaient décembre – we’ve called the last twelve months December’ and Sylvain himself adds: ‘Un autre décembre – Another December – this is my response, which means that comfort and health will not prevent our generation from sadness and discontent, and that we also experience the winter period, although a little warmer due to the current climate.’ Matouš Godík (ZKA4T) took care of the new mastering for this vinyl release.

Sylvain Chauveau was born in 1971 in the French town of Bayonne, but now lives in Brussels. His extensive discography is enriched by various collaborations on projects such as 0, Arca and On. In addition, he has composed many film soundtracks and music for theatre productions. Sylvain collaborated with Stephan Mathieu and recorded a set of songs with lyrics by Bill Callahan, that were featured on the “Palimpsest” album and arranged the version of the song “Vltava” on the compilation “Worx & Reworx” by the Czech group Clarinet Factory. Depeche Mode fans will appreciate his acoustic versions of the hits by the synthpop legends, that are featured on the album “Down To The Bone”, which also includes the Ensemble Nocturne. To date, the latest item on his list of work is the one year old “Kogetsudai” (the second part of the planned trilogy).”