In the Beginning

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“David Rosenboom (b. 1947) is a composer/performer known as a pioneer in American experimental music. This series of eight works, created between 1978 and 1981 and presented on these discs in chronological order of their composition, demonstrates a remarkable extension of Rosenboom’s techniques from his …Plymouth Rock… series of 1969–71 using the harmonic and sub-harmonic series.

The In the Beginning series exemplifies the idea of model-building as a compositional process. A simple process is defined, and is carried out rigorously at as many different levels of the music as possible, producing a complexity from simple elements that can be felt, somehow, while moving one’s attention freely from its micro to macro levels, and everywhere else between. The composer plays inside it, using it freely, stretching it into different forms. The play one experiences in hearing the work is a reflection of the purposeful play that went into its creation.”

In the Beginning I: (Electronic) (1978)
David Rosenboom, Buchla & Associates 300 Series Electric Music Box

In the Beginning II: (Song of Endless Light + Sextet) (1979)
Mike Svoboda, trombone; William Winant, percussion; Erika Duke-Kirkpatrick, Aniela Perry, Derek Stein, and April Guthrie, cellos

In the Beginning III: (Quintet) (1979)
Midnight Winds: Amy Tatum, flute; Jennifer Johnson, oboe; Andrew Leonard, clarinet; Maciej Flis, bassoon; Allen Fogle, horn

In the Beginning: Etude I (Trombones) (1979)
Mike Svoboda, eight trombones

In the Beginning: Etude II (Keyboard-Plucked Strings) (1980)
Jane Grothe, harp; David Rosenboom, piano and computer; Jerónimo (Jxel) Rajchenberg, requinto, charango, and coco banjo samples

In the Beginning: Etude III (Keyboard & Two Oranges) (1980)
David Rosenboom, piano

In the Beginning IV: (Electronic) (1980)
David Rosenboom, Buchla & Associates 300 Series Electric Music Box

In the Beginning V: (The Story) (1981)
Amy Tatum, flute; Claire Chenette, oboe; Andrew Leonard, clarinet; Briana Lehman, bassoon; Daniel Rosenboom, trumpet 1; Marissa Benedict, trumpet 2; Steven Suminsky, trombone; Doug Tornquist, tuba; Danny Holt, piano 1; Richard Valitutto, piano 2; Nicholas Terry, percussion 1; Matthew Cook, percussion 2; Andrew Tholl, violin; Mark Menzies, viola; Derek Stein, cello; Maggie Hasspacher, contrabass; David Rosenboom, conductor