.​.​. (A Tape For Л​е​х​а After He Is у​ж​е в Г​а​м​б​у​р​г​е​)

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“This collage by wassily bosch is based on found home taping materials and some technical, musical, naturophonic, educational, religious and other old tape recordings, mixed with unreleased and re-worked versions of music pieces provided by khaaab, dolphin hospital, church of hate, rámon merkader, korochka s maslom, animal liberation factory, second signalling system, muslimmagomauz and <<одинокие женщины рядом>> and an unplanned collaborations with rombix and eugene voronovsky, audio messages from various people including moldavian poet evgeny kyrtica, sergey eftremov, the merchant from a band called post-materialists, kaban the fsb agent, lisa’s mother and private messages provided by fake_trailers, a part of unpublished lecture-performance by papa srapa (eduard srapionov), most probably his last performance in moscow not long before his death, excerpts from ‘totalitarian art’, ‘necronomicon’ and ‘russian woman and orthodoxy’ read by marina, melania and sasha, modified field recordings, bootleg recording of evgraf kotlov and sounds from milyuta, ‘high castle’ and various other locations around moscow during the spring of 2022.”

Edition of 40 copies. Each cover is unique, handmade.