Halt An

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The Leipzig band Neu Rot represented a singular phenomenon within the alternative music reservoir of the GDR. As with so many bands that cultivated a more sophisticated sound in the late 80s, Neu Rot’s beginnings had been in punk rock. But, with a remarkable rigour against itself, the band steadily worked its way towards post-rock. This thorough process came to fruition in 1988 with the production of the tape “Halt An”. It had been preceded by the band’s struggle for its very own means and their technical feasibility. Neu Rot’s pilgrimage to its own centre was not unimpeded. The band’s name was perceived by the GDR’s cultural watchdogs as an erratic chain of associations between the suspicious word “Neu” and the ideological signal colour red. The band was legal, but its lyrics were deemed illegal. The edition of “Halt An” was somewhere between over fifty and under one hundred copies.

A1. Sometimes 4:48
A2. Die Schlange 3:52
A3. Unbekannter Fall 5:37
A4. Gefahr 4:23
B1. Halt An 4:00
B2. Bewegung 6:09
B3. Trauerfeier 4:05
B4. Leben In Der Gegenwart 6:09
B5. Was Ich Kann 4:34