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Heinz & Franz was a home recording project by Heinz Havemeister and Frank Bretschneider. The recordings took place in 1987 and ’88 in the DIY studio “Sonnenklang” in Karl-Marx-Stadt (now Chemnitz), always at night. The mixing desk was self-built. 50 copies of the tape were released on Bretschneider’s label klangFarBe.

Heinz Havemeister was a guitarist with the Bolschewistische Kurkapelle and co-editor of the art samizdat “LIANE”. Frank Bretschneider is considered an electronic pioneer of the GDR underground scene. He worked in a range of projects, including with the legendary band AG Geige. In 1995, Bretschneider co-founded the Rastermusic label, which cooperated with musician Carsten Nicolai’s noton label. Both labels merged in 1999 to form Raster-Noton, an influential label for experimental music in Germany. Bretschneider’s work has appeared on labels such as Mille Plateaux, Quatermass or Staalplaat label.
Limited edition of 100 copies.

A1. Beim Docteur
A2. Kochkäse
A3. Leitungsmasten
A4. Blutrausch
A5. Forellen Fischen!
A6. Der Buddar
A7. Replik Des Druiden
A8. Jemand
B1. Mein Junge Niest
B2. Blinde Liebe
B3. Schlafen
B4. Verflixter Raoul
B5. Lubminer Nächte
B6. Drachen Steigen
B7. Immer