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“Versatile sounds macerated during the past two years, finally assembled by Siegmar Fricke using phonematic machineries.

In the academese, a “cluster” is a simultaneous musical chord comprised of consecutive tones separated chromatically. In general parlance, a cluster consists of three or more contiguous notes sounded at the same time, and the notes are sounded fully and simultaneously, distinguishing them from ornamented figures involving acciaccaturas and the like. Diametrically opposed are the approaches in the experimental field: a “kluster” is the dissonant construction of pre-recorded sounds, in which the electronic induction temperate weeping notes to obtain a reliable regression in schizophrenic synthesisations. The “Zyklusters” realization is seeking the tumorigenic antithesis of the embryonal context in the dissonant framework, in order to not indulge in objective psychopathology. Are you ready for its removable sounds articulation?”
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