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Based on the book of Genesis, chapter 31, verse 35.

“To obtain the menarchal attention of creative limits in a special synthetic subject, electro-hematic photocompositions scratched to the declivity as always different to obtain a dysmenorrheic catalyst. It was planned for soft shapes, extreme perfection, hematopoietic spirituality, however that was a simple labial menometrorrhagia. The tendinous tissue adapted the metabolism of coagulative effects, on the pestilential determination to guarantee the menorrhagic splendour among impressive recordings. Spurring the processional metrorrhagia of reformable background and concrete oligomenorrhea; between the infinite paths, our hypomenorrhagic point of view is inevitably furnished in a genuine horrors of our amenorrhagic time, mysterious of lightning along with the sanguinolent and peripheral activities. The polymenorrheic reputation or some excursions to a consequent capillarisation of hematogenous resistance. To modify the sedentary escape. This is the hemostatic defrosting of “March-ex”.”

This work is not dedicated to the Dr. Hermann Stieve (22-5-1886 / 6-9-1952)

Maurizio Bianchi/M.B.: periodical loops, physiological waves
Yoko Ishimoto Kamimura: fluxil voice.
Limited to 150 copies.