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“German Industrial legend NTL played a fantastic live set at last year’s Wroclaw Industrial Festival. The rehearsal for this can be heard here – including never before heard songs and different versions of NTL classics. On this recording, NTL are: Sea Wanton, Achim Wollscheid, T.Poem, A. Hettpenger Laaf and C. Reichelt. A mix of harsh sounds and rhythmic tracks. Perfect if you’ve missed this rare live appearance in Poland.”

1. Einsicht A Suivre
2. Nachtbuszeit
3. England Ihren Feinden Schenken
4. Buchenwald
5. Neues Deutschland Lied
6. Frobot
7. Burnt Out
8. Volksmund Spricht
9. Les Signales Perdues
10. Herzschlag
11. Dirndlstrich
12. Amerikafkaesque