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“ZenLu, experimental musician and sound artist, is now working and living in Shenzhen, China. In the past few years, while insisting on independent solo composing, ZenLu founded and joined in several local musical outfits. In 2002, he founded a post-rock group “Consciousness”. In 2004, he joined YOUNG CRAZY, and it was there he developed a huge interest in the genres of experimental electronica and industrial noise. In April 2006, he formed ZenBOBO and by that time he has become totally engrossed in composing minimalist/ambient music. In September 2006, he collaborated with Polish experimental musician Grzegorz Bojanek and formed ChoP, from which an album is to come out soon. In the future series of release of ChoP, two musicians of different nationalities will be invited to join in composing for each release. Hong Kong experimental musician Dickson Dee is already invited to participate in the production of “ChoP-Vol.2”.
Actively taking part both in solo and group composing, ZenLu has gradually established his another musical personality with his distinctively abstract and visual style of electronic music.”
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