This New Terrain

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“Pulsar is Ant Walker of Cheltenham based duo The Land of Nod. ‘This New Terrain’ is the debut album from Pulsar. Influences on this album range from the sonic beats of Transient Waves, eclecticism of Flowchart and the intricacy of Tortoise. ‘This New Terrain’ is a collection of pieces that are intended to portray barren, unformed and unvisited expanses. The themes of the album ponder different states, places and experiences and face up to the uncertainties found at the cutting edge of science.”

1. How Far Is Up? 3:42
2. Attempts To Create Life From Non-Living Matter 4:25
3. Expansion Rate 4:15
4. ALH008 3:49
5. Sinking Feeling 2:01
6. Extremophiles 3:51
7. Slow Drowning 5:45
8. Southern Sweep 0:22
9. Retrograde 8:19
10. If Only It Was So 5:17
11. Event Horizon 8:22