The Book Of Night Burning In A Garden Of Ice

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The mysterious and exotic M’lumbo was founded by Robert Jordan Ray and Ron Banji in 1984 and has reinvented itself many times since. They released three homemade cassettes(recorded 100% live) which were favourites with U.S. college and public radio and received lavish praise from New York Newsday, The Daily News, tons of fanzines, Option, Ear, Keyboard Magazine, and Bass Player (the latter was interesting since the group really did not have an electric bass). In 1992 M’lumbo released the CD, “Life After Death” and performed the Christmas concert at St. Ann’s Church and several at N.Y.C.’s Knitting Factory, garnering more wildly favourable press and radio play and influencing and winning many fans some of whom were influential musicians themselves.
The band has played African/tribal jazz versions of everything from famous TV and movie themes to trance and Ambient originals, from amphetamine- Dixieland to neo-Stravinsky, winning approval from such picky innovators as The Simpsons’ Matt Groenig to Brian Eno. M’lumbo’s latest release is “The Book Of Night Burning In A Garden Of Ice”, a post-Ambient, beautiful and terrifying work they describe as “biomechanical”. They have also been somewhat active of late in U.S. TV commercial sound design and various remixes.

This is the 12th release on Korm Plastics Introductory Paperback series introducing new, young & exciting bands to a wider audience. Packed in a characteristic style and a budget price.