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Is: Stefania Pedretti

ALOS is a performance linked to the theme of stealing private moments by making them public. In “? ALOS” Stefania Pedretti (already in projects such as ALLUN and OvO) presents herself as a “lonely woman”, disfigured, marginalized but also a dreamer and romantic (like those represented in her paintings), who prepares for a solitary dinner by candlelight. All the phases of the preparation of the dinner are laid bare by Stefania, who will dress and make up for the occasion, looking for an elegance absolutely deviated and out of time, an unlikely and unattainable beauty, and then cook, dedicating particular care to the presentation and aesthetics of the dishes, from the cutting of vegetables to colour combinations, according to an aesthetic taste once again very far from the canons.

? ALOS “Indelible Memories” is the first CD that reproduces in 13 tracks the atmosphere of this performance: 13 dates on a diary found in the attic, complete with faded photos hidden between the pages – 13 moments to accompany you in the preparation of your best dinner, thanks to the piano of Mae Starr (Rollerball), the rhythms and bass of DJ Tonnerre and of course the voice, The cello, the guitar, the violin and the games of Stefania Pedretti.