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Recorded at the Old School, Bacon Ash, Norfolk on 11 March 2001.
Design by Jani Peternelj
Edition of 150 copies.

Simon Vincent: electronics, percussion
Graham Halliwell: alto saxophone
Simon H. Fell: double bass

“Graham Halliwell, Simon Vincent and Simon Fell joined forces and became VHF in 1998. All three have an extended reputation in the world of improvised music and their first CD was rather free jazz related, if I recall well. This new work however sees them moving in an altogether different world of improvised music. Foremost it’s a very soft release in terms of volume. One has to crank it up to quite an extent. What unfolds then has not much to do with the world of free jazz, but it’s rather a much more electro-acoustic work, touching the surface and carefully producing sound. It’s hard to recognize any of the instruments they are supposed to play here, certainly not saxophone or bass sounds. They force the listener to drop all activity and sit back and listen. Concentrate. And listen, and probably listen again once it’s over, since it’s highly likely you missed out a few things the first time around. But if you do, a simply beautiful world unfolds for you and it’s certainly a most rewarding thing to hear. Very onkyo ok!” FdW