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Recorded at Laboratori de So, Metronom on 6 July 2003 .
Design by Jani Peternelj
Edition of 200 copies.

Ruth Barberán- trumpet
Margarida Garcia- electric double bass
Ferran Fages- feedback mixing board, pick ups
Alfredo Costa Monteiro- accordion

“The Iberian trio of Fages, Barberan and Costa Monteiro have been working together in Barcelona for long enough now to have developed a distinct language of tension, scraped metallic dynamics and a rough, textural abrasiveness. A trio with a great, off-kilter and unexpected instrumentation (there can’t be many acoustic turntable/ engines, trumpet and accordion trios kicking about Barcelona – although it’s a while since I’ve been there) they build long-form rattling and quietly detailed pieces that clatter and rumble, that expand and contract with the tension and release of deeply held breath. And there’s something like grit in your washing machine, or an oddly metallic mortar and pestle kind of texture going on too, maybe Magnesium in water.
Bassist Margarida, who hails from Lisbon was until very recently based in NYC, has played with these cats numerous times and her muffled ringing of low end notes adds a heft to proceeding, a sort of subtly gravitational tug that now and again helps shunt the levels of noise and intensity into an excited state that would prick the ears/ interest of your average noise fan.”