Music For Invisible People

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“As his previous album, La Tete Qui Flotte, was being warmly welcomed, the prolific Laurent Girard aka Melodium started working on the new step in his discography. Encouraged by an acclaim both from the public and the media, as the sunny days of 2005 were on their way back, he composed his most orchestrated album to date : Music For Invisible People which is about to be released now, just before the coming of winter.

On La Tete Qui Flotte, Melodium had the courage to open the doors to acoustic guitars and pop melodies, which gave a great breath of air to his chamber electronica. He was at the same time revealing himself as a singer on a duet with his girlfriend. A surprising singer with sorts of lyrics, to be exact. With Music For Invisible People, this opening has been pushed yet one step further : here the guitars (1 being electric) are queens, and he sings everything himself. In an atmosphere as intimate as hospitable.

Composed during a summer stay on the isle of Oleron, most of the time sitting in a garden, then reworked and arranged at home (flutes, melodicas, xylophone, keyboards, jembes, computer), this new album rid of complexes marks a new stage on the route of this artist. It’s a quiet and matured release, that offers in turns beautiful sunny songs -although stamped by a certain melancholy- and others, turmoiled and romantic. More pop and more folk, Music For Invisible People is an organic whole, extremely melodious.”