De L’utilite Des Convoyeurs

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Coming from the speedcore/hardcore area of electronic music, Montreal’s LCEDP now delves into the world of rhythm’ n’ noise. His first CD creation, De L’Utilité Des Convoyeurs, takes up where urban exploration leaves off, and strives to return all that decaying matter…to life. A vibrant life, a powerful cry of joy, sadness, anger and bliss altogether. The machines are operational again, and they have a lot to say. LCEDP listened to their message and translated it into his elegant yet stormy and abrasive musical style. The result, you hold in your hands. Noisy and punchy and ultra rhythmic, with a few more introspective and abstract moments …

21 impressions transcoded by LCEDP + 1 additional impression revised by ORPHX. Grey sleeve with tone-on-tone embossed patterns and insert. 500 copies. Mastering by Metarc. Artwork by Maria Chronopoulos. Source photos by LCEDP.