Matieres Premieres

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“Nominee Qwartz [Research] 2005 to Qwartz Electronic Music Awards – 2nd Edition.
Here, the compositions by SYN- expect a carefully attention to this scripted, hypnotic music, called ambient music from the listener. Lively and organic, they start resonating sounds with natural origins (recording of voices, sounds..) and artificial origins (numerical sounds) and in their turn throw auditory images.
Mixed by Norscq, matières premières (Raw Materials) is the second album composed by SYN-. The two pieces Eau (water) and Bois (wood) of “matières premières”, follow the sonorous productions composed for the installations of the visual artists Julie Legrand and Camille Rossi and is inspired by E.5131’s erotic medieval novel. Indeed, the process of creation has begun with the reading of his text: the created universe enthrones Mother Nature that the hill occupies the half of the script printing territory. Each sound identity had been thought with complementarity and designed with coherence in parallel with the meaning of the words and their evocative power, so as to create an adequate ambiance.
Therefore, these two pieces communicate with two distinct commissions: the first one was played with the performance of a visual artist (Camille Rossi), where the audience was operating itself the unveiling of a suspended object which appeared as they advanced to be a drifting, expansive and mysterious silk net in a magical and aquatic universe.
The second one had been created in adequation with the visual installation by Julie Legrand, which was innocently party to the E.5131’s novel (quoted above) composed with, between other materials, wood: sculpted branches of laurels fixed on the ground, that tightened, twisted round and turned towards the sky.”