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“Andreas Tilliander’s sixth album to date under his abstract electronics moniker MOKIRA.  
It’s his most simple, direct and physical album so far. 
Inspired by the beauty of warm analogue synthesizer sounds and industrial and distorted harshness – ”Hateless” is a powerful exploration of industrial ambient music in it’s most physical form. Beautiful, yet disturbing… Enormously deep bass (so far – his live shows on this material has killed two sound systems), dubby noise & killer soundscapes gives us Tilliander’s most personal sounding album to date. His ability to put soul into his machines is rare among electronic recording artists today. ”Hateless” is the long awaited album where Tilliander shows us his full power, and takes another step out from the electronica label he’s been carrying for so long… His love for depth and roughness is getting full spin here. Controlled darkness. Deep stuff. It makes us love him even more. We didn’t think that was possible after his amazing ”Album” (Type Records) & ”FFT POP” (Cubicfabric)…”