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2016 repress. Black vinyl in brown cardboard discobag. Hand-stamped and -numbered.

“There’s another spot on the yet scarcely drafted map of the Weevil Neighbourhood.
After the broken beats and shuffling breaks of BLINDFOLD, we are happy to announce the next release, a 12” by Steven Porter aka Katsunori Sawa and Yuji Kondo of Kyoto and Osaka, Japan.

The “LR EP”, codenamed and catalogue numbered “COMPASS” comes as a three track EP (all untitled), starting up with a massive and intimidating wall-of-sound-drone-o-rama with the occasional gap to let you catch your breath. A2 – more complaisantly and subtlety – meditates on what could be residues of Drum & Bass perceived through an overseas call from your subconscious. After letting you fathom the extremes, the second side of the record is haunted by the perfect mixture of both, resulting in a mind blowing, steam rolling and stumbling monster of a track to shatter the empty dancefloors of your own little mental disco.”