French Record

Format: CD
Genre: Noise
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“Since 1999, Sissy Spacek has been one of the most difficult groups around, with a starting point of full-on blur/grindcore and an evolution to the definition of the most extreme/intense fringes of musique concrete, instantly identifiable by the handy work of John Wiese. On this, their fifth proper album, Sissy Spacek explore new territory, as always, and take turns no one could foresee into electro-acoustic improv, collage, industrial, noise and heavy metal, with a line up that includes Kevin Drumm, Kate Hall (Mika Miko), Sam Ott (The Fucking Angels), Corydon Ronnau, John Wiese, and C. Spencer Yeh (Burning Star Core). French Record is their strongest and most mature yet. “recycled waste products of a doomed civilisation – fragments of Metal guitar fuzzed into oblivion, snippets of easy listening beaten to a bloody pulp – but they’re meticulously catalogued and cunningly sequenced” the wire.”