Continuum Asorbus 2

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Continuum Asorbus Continuum Asorbus is a diptych released in 1992 (Vol. #1), and 1995 (Vol. #2). It explores the dark aspect of ragged sounds through the work of Scott Gibbons /Lilith, Tobias Hazan, Pierre Berthet, and Jardin d’Usure. The visual comes from WO’s performances (pre-Sub Rosa activities 1980-84).

“Even when subject to the most microscopic treatment, slicing sampled sounds into milliseconds and putting them back together in a new order, something of the spirit of the original sound survives. The unsettling music that results varies from barely audible ambience to corrosive noise.” (EST)

1. Tobias Hazan – Tambour 10:38
2. Lilith / Scott Gibbons – Stone.Crystal 20:45
3. Tobias Hazan – B-a-ba-p-pt-de 4:10
4. Jardin D’Usure – Perforique 26:10