Apnea Eina

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“Three years of beavering sees Pridon present his latest venture into eclectic soulful techno.
While retaining the warm character and trademark sound design of his previous works, with ‘Apnea Eina’, Pridon’s flair for ‘all seasons on one disc’ is bolstered by a deeper confidence and understanding in bringing about a cohesive journey of a record. Techno, electro, IDM, dub and even traces of 70s psychedelia have found their way into this little monster of an album and Pridon’s signature shifting and mutating like a restless creature is a rare joy to behold. However, although this album has accessible moments in abundance, be careful: a choir of mad synths or the atonal bleeps of Pan himself might come out of nowhere and turn everything into a psychedelic space-jam. But even when the mouth of chaos opens up and all synth-trickery breaks loose, ‘Apnea Eina’ never strays off focus.
As much as improvisation plays a large part in Pridon’s processes, and this album provides no exception, it’s also a wondrous embodiment of electronica’s quintessential elements: gratifying breaks and basslines. This work took three years in the making and needless to say, we are extremely proud to present it!”