Gurdy Hurding

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“Possibly the thing in the world that you never expected to happen, but luckily you were wrong: Klanggalerie are proud to present you the brand new album by Renaldo & The Loaf. 30 years after “The Elbow is Taboo”, Renaldo & Ted The Loaf have created another fabulous record. 13 songs in classic RATL style with an incredible cover by the wonderful Poxodd. All the RATL trademark sounds are there, but of course technology has not passed unnoticed, so there is a 2016 approach to the music, too. This is what the band say: “Olleh! Hard to believe almost 30 years have passed since Elbow Is Taboo but finally we have decided it’s about time for a brand new album. So… (surprise!)…. Gurdy Hurding is soon to be released by Klanggalerie . With a wonderful cover design and artwork by Poxodd, the collection of 13 tracks is scheduled to be released on October 25th. Renaldo & Ted”. British avantgarde at its purest by who was often called The English Residents.”

1. Henri Rise
2. Pessimistoc Song
3. A Convivial Ode
4. Scent Of Turnip
5. The Moment Is Lost
6. Gurdy Hurding
7. Improbable Legs
8. Carrot Ballet
9. Asper Dorsalis
10. Djinn House
11. Gladsome Vane
12. Early Twirly
13. Optimism