On The Wire

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“11-cut new release that ranges from mid-tempo accordion neo cabaret post folk to mid 80’s new wave
 and pop. Black painted catchy songs with Roma Amor trademark and more: smoky voice and emotional 
accordion next to drumbeat, weird percussions, piano and synth sounds. “On The Wire” includes the
 full SPQR 10 inch from 2012, here remixed and remastered with slightly different vocals and arrangements 
on some tracks, plus 6 unissued songs of dark-flavoured music brewed with a lot of influences. Comes into an elegant creamy digipak with vintage biker photos over Alps in Österreich.”

1. 17.3 3:05
2. On The Wire 3:37
3. I’m Deranged 3:07
4. Scared 3:02
5. Love To Say Goodbye For 5:07
6. More (Stoned) 5:06
7. Cambodia 4:13
8. The Difference 4:42
9. Don’t You 3:29
10. About Myself 2:51
11. More 3:44