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“Finally, after 5 years, here is the brand new album by the best band from the Czech Republic, Tabor Radosti. Egregor has all the TR trademark sound that you love: heavy rhythms that get cut up and distorted by Industrial noise, ambient soundscapes which are broken up by bits of vocals. Occult Industrial music at its very best. If you need comparison, think of The Devil & The Universe. Tabor Radosti are more serious though and less showmanship. They’ve been around for 15 years now and are renowned for their fabulous live shows. The new album also presents three remixes by Noises Of Russia, Vladimir Hirsch and Schloss Tegal. Produced by Moimir Papalescu, the famous Czech musician, sound engineer and synth guru, who has collaborated with members of the US New Wave band Devo, with Alexander Hacke of Einstürzende Neubauten or with an UK musician and producer John Fryer (Member of This Mortal Coil). Also still available on Klanggalerie is their cult debut album Joycamp.”

1. Archont
2. Svoboda
3. Svetlonos
4. Dobroditel
5. Integral
6. Demiurg
7. Oraculum
8. Integral – Noises Of Russia
9. Divinorum (Schloss Tegal Remix)
10. Blot (Vladimir Hirsch Remix).