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“Two pieces of a more conceptual kind. Lee Patterson’s piece is for ‘indoor and outdoor sparklers. Processing has been kept to a minimum in order to retain textures inherent in the sound source’. Very unclear how he did it, but it’s almost the sound of somebody
breathing in the microphone. It has an ambient like texture as one feels sucked in to the sound. It sounds like a pretty much
straightforward recording, but it’s probably multi layered and gracefully mixed. The other piece is by Benjamin Gwilliam and ‘was
constructed of sounds from three lamps simultaneously burning facsimile paper. When one lamp was turned off after reaching its peak,
the next lamp was turned on, and this cycles the process’. An even more obscure low end recording of bumps and drones that is equally
fascinating to hear. Both of these pieces reminded me of the best WrK works: strict in conceptual approach and executed with great
precision. I hope this newly founded label will present us more of these delights.” (FdW)

1. Lee Patterson – Sparklers 10:32
2. Benjamin Gwilliam – Lamps 9:28