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Is: Andrew Diey

“With the release of Reworked, a compilation of remixes, the original intention of this album was to feature a few remixes from the previous Black Faction album, Iternal Dissident. With multiple email conversations taking place amongst Black Faction and musician friends, the project developed into this multi-genred full-length CD release on Poland based Vivo Records.

On Reworked, a culmination of minimal electronic oriented artists deliver an expressive musical journal of downbeat experimental frequencies. You can’t really get any more diverse than some of the artists featured on this disc including John Hudak, Universal Delux, Rapoon, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Sutekh, Valea Djinn, Nemezis, Black Moses, Black Arc / Cclay, and Foreign Terrain / Cclay. A brooding, almost sinister feeling evolves throughout Reworked while the listener is left in a state of delirium…”