Nuits Blanches Au Studio 116

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Unreleased Rarities from Ariel Kalma’s personal archives recorded in the legendary GRM’s Studio 116 during the 70’s.

Born and raised in Paris, Ariel Kalma started playing the recorder and saxophone as a youth. After successive studies of Computer Science, Music and Art in Paris he performed in various concerts from middle-age music to free jazz duo. Ariel toured the world, then performed and recorded with several bands (J. Higelin, R. Pinhas, NYL, G. Scornic, Baden Powell).

After learning circular breathing on soprano sax, Ariel could include those endless notes into his own long-delay-effect system, dual Revox set-up * * two tape machines “chained” together to form a long delay system.

In France during the mid-1970s, Kalma was staffed as à recording assistant at legendary Groupe de Recherches Musicales (INA GRM) studios, where Ariel recorded some of his compositions in the Studio 116 ; the same music concrète laboratory that spawned masterpieces by members Luc Ferrari, Bernard Parmegiani…

A1. Paris Flight (1977) 6:59
A2. Le Soleil Au Couchant (1974) 10:36
A3. Voyage Au Centre De La Tête (1975) 7:16
B1. Ballade Sur Le Lac (1979) 13:52
B2. Japanese Dream (1976) 5:45