Mise En Scene

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Lloyd Barrett has been issuing all manner of intricate sound works for longer than most – from diligent examinations of post-concréte sound and abstracted rhythmic projects to spacious ambient works. In 2005, he committed himself to create Mise En Scene, a work drawing on the concepts of filmic sound and exploring the possibilities of philosophies suggested by authors and theorists such as Michel Chion.

The resulting album heralds a bold statement of intent from Barrett. Deeply evocative, maintaining moments of extreme intimacy and vast remoteness, this record is characterised by highly realised imagined sonic language. It speaks to the notions of acousmatic composition and delivers a document rich with decomposed found sound, unfamiliar texture and instrumental passages reflective of electro-acoustic methodology.

“There is no auditory container for sounds…music communicates with all times and all spaces of a film, even as it leaves them to their separate and distinct existences”
(Michel Chion: 1990).