The Last Vinyl

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“First opus of the French combo GOL, “The Last Vinyl” LP saw the
light in 1994 after 6 years of the group existence at the time named
Goloka. The band then split to reform in 2002 deleting four letters
for the shorter GOL.

Issued in a run of 514 copies, the record slowly shown on the
market and then vanished from the surface. Copies were mainly given
away, left at shops or sold at concerts. Very few where distributed
via the usual circuit except for a bunch of copies with custom black
cover. Just recently a box of 60 copies where found in the band’s
vault of their countryside Golfarm somewhere in a small village of
central France, all in their original stunning multi silkscreened
handmade covers. The very last copies of “The Last Vinyl” indeed and a
great occasion to grab them now, thanks to a friendly Alga Marghen /
Planam distribution.

The then “young” Ravi Shardja, Frédéric Rebotier, Samon Takahashi
and Jean-Marcel Busson are like any school band experimenting with
whatever falls into their hands. DIY ? Musique Concrete ?
Plunderphonic ? Well, a bit of it all. “The Last Vinyl” actually is
more a concept album, paying a tribute to what was announced as the
end of vinyl era. Hence, all tracks are based on scratched records.
But don’t expect a dry turntablism re-enactment, Goloka uses here the
scratches and vinyl hiccup loops as a canvas for improvisation using
a wide collection of instruments, toys, and electronic treatments.
Melodic, rhythmical, humoristic, the music lays between a Dada collage
style and a demented folk spirit flavoured by ethnic touches
contradicted by rough sonic collages. From start to end a very joyful
and challenging journey into GOL’s debut, age having obviously no
incidence on the content.”