One Plus One

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The second of two collaborative projects from electro-acoustic sound artist Philip Smartzis in the Room40 limited edition EP series sees him partnered with label-boss Lawrence English for an avant garde turntable battle. Don’t groan, this is turntablism in the loosest possible sense, eschewing scratching and beatplay for actual scratches and sonic textures. Thick blankets of vinyl crackle and hum enswathe detuned blues guitars and distant vocals – think Philip Jeck, think Christian Marclay and think Janek Schaefer. It’s all surprisingly listenable too, the four pieces on the disc try and show the very nature of vinyl, stuck grooves, scratches and clicks, the low hum of the turntable’s drive and they succeed immensely well. There’s something about the disc which conjures up scenes from David Lynch’s grindhouse classic Eraserhead. something about the distant wails and the disconcerting looping sounds. I can imagine this would be an incredible experience to behold in a live setting, but for now we’ve just got this disc to fall for and it does both artists proud.