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“Flag” is the product of collaboration between producer and musician, where the possibilities of taking on straightforward and unexpected solutions are being explored as well as the predetermined limitations the composing process. As a way of challenging the leading software programs for sound compositions on the market, which are frequently portraying themselves as portals of limitless opportunities and imagination, Starfield Simulation member All Spec Kit has, at the request of Komplott, composed a sound piece using a predetermined software – Microsoft PowerPoint. By using a program which in not intended for music composing the musician is being limited in his/her creation process and are bound to use other paths through the musical structure. From the, in a musical context, extremely limited program, Al Spec Kit has created an abstract sound collage which also differs from the intention of the creators of PowerPoint, which is to enable the viewer to clearly perceive the intentions of the agent. It’s a collage consisting of a number of arranged sound fragments, encapsulated in a graphic presentation very distant from advanced effects and digital and real time arrangements of sound.