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“dieb13 is a turntablist and these two tracks were recorded live – one at the musicprotocol in graz, 1999, and the second in a studio a year later, using vinyl from concerts played by other artists at the festival. and this disk is open content1 so it itself is available for restructuring (the english translation refers to the artwork1 – a limited translation of die musikstuecke1 i would imagine as it suggests just the cover art).

i initially listened to the first track formlos1 while cooking (…) and was surprised by the range of sounds a turntablist can produce, and shifted my expectations away from the dj – only a segment near the end contained rhythmic and vocal sections recognisably recorded. elsewise an impressive range of sounds were extracted: noise, chunks of rhythmic condensations, scifi sqwirls and wooshes, pops, runoff white noise, snatches of possible music, tones and wails. at that stage i hadn1t noticed the title, but a translation as formless1 would fit: there seemed to be no rhyme or reason to the shifts and changes. the whole was interesting as a background to my activity, or as an intellectual pursuit. a closer listen (yes, all do get that to) clarified the basic approach: a rhythm1 loop was set up on one turntable, and the other/s used to play around over that. some rhythms were obvious vinyl fragments, sometimes just the vinyl and some effects: in one section with a fast pulse which drops suddenly as the table speed is reduced. there is a constant feeling of i wish i was there1 as you try and work out how some sound was produced.

the second track restructuring1 is more musical and more considered: while the turntabled whirs and tones are still present, they vie with other artists from the festival including (what sound like) a string quartet, piano-based jazz trio, clarinet, a noise group and some singing. these elements are of course sampled, looped and cracked, but provide a more stable basis and recurring elements. shifts and changes are less extreme and more paced, and the whole has a more relaxed mood, though still exploratory and energised. the two pieces provide a virtuosi demonstration of the art, intriguing and surprising.”