High Tones For The Winter Fashion

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“High Tones for Winter Fashion is a collaboration CD, a match-up between French and Japanese established improvisers. Xavier Charles: As a clarinetist, bassist, and DIY enthusiast, Xavier Charles played with several noisy, electronica and sonic poetry activists: Frédéric Le Junter, Martin Tétreault, The Ex, Pierre Berthet, Étage 34, Axel Dörner, Jérôme Jeanmart, John Butcher, Jean Pallandre, Marc Pichelin, Chris Cutler, Martine Altenburger, Camel Zekri, Emmanuelle Pellegrini, Michel Doneda, and Frédéric Blondy, among others. Actually, his musical searches include clarinet, prepared bass, and vibrating loudspeakers for a sonic universe somewhere between improved music, noisy rock, and electro-acoustic explorations. Otomo Yoshihide: After eight years spent as Ground Zero’s leader, Otomo Yoshihide is now involved in various projects mixing turntables and guitar, known as DJ Tranquillizer, Filament, or Microcosmos. Following the example of Erik M, Martin Tétreault, or Christian Marclay (and even if he admits their influence) but also Pierre Schaeffer, Derek Bailey, and the very first hip-hop DJs, his use of turntables is so incredible that he can’t be considered a proper DJ. Almá Fury: Almá Fury sculpta shifting soundscape of electric and electronic noise, letting fantasy guide them, as they mix varied and tangential sonic materiel. Their setup includes: Moog, voice, guitar, cassettes, samples, drum machine, and percussion; sonic experimentation and playful creativity are all-important. Otani Yasuhiro is a Tokyo-based improviser.”

1. Almá Fury – Densités 5:51
2. Almá Fury – Plus De Lumières 3:37
3. Almá Fury, Otani Yasuhiro, Otomo Yoshihide – Live At Emoson (Bourges), 23.Oct.99 21:03
4. Xavier Charles – X For O N°1 4:02
5. Xavier Charles – X For O N°2 2:20
6. Xavier Charles & Otomo Yoshihide – X.O.O.X. 4:14
7. Xavier Charles – Radio Brabant N°7 2:22
8. Xavier Charles – Radio Brabant N°8 2:26