Transmissions 002

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Compilation #002 from the label Transmission created to release live recordings from the Transmissions festival: 1998-2000 Chapel Hill, NC Trans001-003, 2001 Chicago, IL.

“Transmissions is a yearly festival held in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and since 1998 there are also CD’s documenting the events. The latest available is the year 2000. Bit clueless though whether it was just recently released, or that mail was very very slow. To get all three documents at once, it’s nice to see the festival progress over the years. In reverse order, I could say that the edition of 2000 deals a lot of with electronica, with such known laptop artists as Kim Cascone, Pita, Hrvatski Fennesz and Hazard. But it’s good to see Dean Roberts being present, who tinkles away on the guitar and even sings a few words (a feature of him new to me). Highlight is Kevin Drumm’s drone piece cum crackles and improvisations of contact microphones. The two years before found the festival in a more guitar/drone vein. More lo-fi drone guitar stuff on the 001 by people like Pelt, Conjunto Ivanovich or Azusa Plane (who are way out space rock here). Also on 001 is a lengthy free jazz improv piece by the Gold Sparkle Band. In general I though the 001 had lesser
known people on it and seemed more locally oriented. 002 was more a mixture of lo-fi drone stuff and controlled experiments and
improvisations, but seemed to be lesser dwelling on the use of laptops. Here to only US artists, well as far as I can judge: Phil Kline, Chuck Johnson, John Hudak, Zuerichten, Micro-east collective, Loren Maazacane Connors, FM:xpanse and Windy & Carl. All three are excellent documents of what seems to be an intriguing festival. (FdW)”

1. Phil Kline – Untitled 10:13
2. Chuck Johnson – Untitled 8:31
3. John Hudak – Untitled 7:33
4. Zuerichten – Untitled 8:41
5. Micro-East Collective – Untitled 6:36
6. Loren Mazzacane Connors – Untitled 8:14
7. FM:xpanse – Untitled 5:42
8. Windy & Carl – Untitled 7:00