Krst Remixes

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“Krst Remixes is a double LP/Cdr release of Kajkyt (aka Slobodan Kajkut).

It represents eight different remakes of the Kajkyt’s piece, Krst (critical acclaimed double vinyl appeared on God Records/Wire Globe  Recordings/Chmafu Nocords), made by different artist such as Lustmord, James Plotkin (Old, Khanate, Scorn), KK Null (Zeni Geva, Terminal HZ), Lepenik (Fetish 69, The Striggles), Trajkoski (Anastasia, Mizar), Kauders (Code Inconnu, The Striggles), Opcion (aka Ab Hinc) and Podrum.

The release shows a large spectrum of mostly experimental electronica, such as downtempo, dub, noise and even some influences of krautrock and dark, weird vision of dubstep and represents all artist at the peak of their musical language.

Although this release is covered with eight musically total different remixes, it shows surprisingly level of homogeneity.

Limited double vinyl box (Lustmord, Plotkin, Null, Opcion) is out on God/Wire Globe Recordings and the double Cdr is out on Chmafu Nocords (all remixes included).”
2xCD in box