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“Two “cases” are presented here, each relentlessly abstract and each very strong. “Case A” appears in several discreet segments, each brutally truncated by an abrupt, crunching edit. The landscape is one of controlled whorls of feedback accompanied by scratches, rumbles, and clicks, the latter presumably generated by Drumm’s tabletop guitar and associated devices. There’s both a spartan quality in the limited palette used and, perhaps not coincidentally, a cohesiveness of approach that gives the piece a clean, almost narrative structure, though in a relatively alien language. “Case B” is a somewhat rougher ride, with Drumm out front far more, though there are actually snatches of recognizable (even blues-derived) guitar sounds. Wehowsky initially sets up some ringing tones reminiscent of those old ring modulators for Drumm to scrabble against before moving back into sine wave-oriented territory. Again, the transparency of the activity contributes to making it riveting, as a nice singularity of purpose is achieved making even so linear a progression have a rich, resonant aspect. Cases is difficult but rewarding music, recommended for those listeners seeking a decidedly sharp edge in their improvisation. It’s a short disc, but of perfect length.”